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It’s not a game. 

It’s not a gimmick.

It’s not a fitness class on Zoom.

This is real, live training – with an interface that puts you directly into our classroom – all from the comfort of your home.  

virtual reality self-defense training

How can you learn self-defense using virtual reality?

The most critical part of self-defense training is developing your Awareness – to your own body, to the people around you, to the visual cues that signal violence, and then practicing appropriate responses to those cues.  

When you work with an instructor in person, it’s easy to train your powers of observation:  he or she can feed you cues until you recognize them in an instant – a punch before it is thrown, a grab before it takes hold, a hand that disappears into a pocket to retrieve a weapon.  While you can learn about these things in any format (reading a book, watching a video), what your skill development really needs is to see it unfold as it does in real life.  We can do that face to face. And now we can also do that via VR.

Thanks to the power of the latest virtual reality headsets, we can now instantly (and convincingly) transport you to any setting you need for training.  Affordable home VR is now so advanced that we can deliver realistic training – realistic enough to trick the parts of your brain that are developing skills – and we can do it without flying you here to us in Connecticut, or flying ourselves out to you. 

It’s groovy.  Very groovy. 

transform this

virtual reality fitness self-defense training
virtual reality fitness self-defense training

into this

can you really learn self-defense using virtual reality?

In short, yes.

Is it a complete replacement for a live, in-person instructor?  No, of course not.  

But it’s a whole lot closer than using Skype or Zoom or some other video broadcast.  With VR, we can transport you to any setting we need, and teach you to detect incoming violence.  You can train your reactions against stimuli that look so real they might as well be – but from the comfort, convenience, and safety of your home.  

We can even record scenarios and training exercises so you can repeat them and improve your performance.  This is an all new frontier of learning and practicing possibilities.  

new - offering safe training during the pandemic

real-time, remote self-defense training

Is the pandemic preventing you from training in-person? Or maybe just geographic distance?  Not to worry!  Private lessons can now be held remotely with a live instructor via High definition video or even via Virtual Reality!  Modern Self-Defense Center is the ONLY source offering live, instructor-led virtual reality lessons.  Click below to learn more! 

virtual reality online courses

lifetime access

virtual reality private lessons

$75/half hour

train across limitations

With Virtual Reality Self-Defense Training, you can easily train around all limitations, from geography to disability.  Train at whatever frequency and intensity is appropriate, working comfortably and conveniently.  This is self-defense training for everybody. 

get started now

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Modern Self-Defense Center offers hands-on, effective self-defense training methods for people of all shapes, sizes, and experience levels. Visit us in central Connecticut, or learn self-defense online with our remote lessons and streaming courses for any device, including virtual reality. 



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