Self-Defense Training Built on 3 promises

immediate results

Most martial arts classes assume you’ll study for years.  We built our programs starting with the question, “What if you could walk away from your very first lesson with usable, effective skills?”  And then we built every class after that the same way.  Safer, faster, period. 

Safe, Healthy training

No matter how effective it is, training that beats up your body or encourages paranoia is a nonstarter.  We take a bigger perspective: this is about improving your quality of life, and providing tools to sustain that boost.  Physical fitness and mental wellness might seem like bonuses, but to us they’re a natural piece of the puzzle.   

Friendly, community-centric approach

We love our mission because it’s about service, and we find we attract friendly, like-minded clients. Class should be a joy, not a chore. Our self-defense training is social and, yes, even fun.  Great training partners are what make it that way. 

MSDC offers an exclusive BJJ program and methodology designed for incredibly safe training, while developing skillsets at an accelerated pace. This is the ideal program for professionals who want to avoid injuries and competitive attitudes.  

From our unique program aimed at onboarding new students and bringing them up to skill comfortably, to our mixed-level skillbuilding sessions for intermediate and advanced players, this is a carefully crafted experience that will turbocharge your learning.  

Brazilian Jiu JItsu class

New Britain,CT

Live, In-person self-defense training

Train with an expert instructor 1-on-1, in a small group, or in a seminar or workshop.  Come to us, or bring MSDC’s self-defense training to your location!  

private or semi-private lessons

group classes

workshops and seminars

special events

new - offering safe training during the pandemic

real-time, remote self-defense training

Is the pandemic preventing you from training in-person? Or maybe just geographic distance?  Not to worry!  Private lessons can now be held remotely with a live instructor via High definition video or even via Virtual Reality!  Modern Self-Defense Center is the ONLY source offering live, instructor-led virtual reality lessons.  Click below to learn more! 

HD private or semi-private lessons

virtual reality private lessons

Always available – 24/7 lifetime access.  Access our HD courses from any device, from your phone to your PC, or use your virtual reality headset and check out our one-of-a-kind VR self-defense training.  Videos, training templates, and plenty of follow-along practice exercises in 1080 video or VR. Convenient, accessible, effective self-defense training on your own schedule. 

Learn self-defense anywhere, any time, on any device. 

Think Like a Self-Defense Expert

Brand new and not sure where to start? Done some training but trying to figure out what to do next? This course backs up and gives you the big picture. Learn the decision-making tools of self-defense experts, and practice using them to make decisions about your own personal safety.

get started now

and go to bed tonight with skills you didn't have this morning

The Modern Self-Defense Center was founded in 2002, with the purpose of bringing the most effective, up-to-date training methods in Martial Arts and Self-Defense to the greater Connecticut region.  Beginning with Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, the programs quickly expanded to include Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, Boxe Francaise Savate French Kickboxing, Filipino Martial Arts, and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) competition training.

For 7 years MSDC offered a free self-defense class every week.  MSDC has been featured on the front page of the sunday Middletown Press,’s News homepage, and the NBC 30 evening news.  


learn with us

Modern Self-Defense Center offers hands-on, effective self-defense training methods for people of all shapes, sizes, and experience levels. Visit us in central Connecticut, or learn self-defense online with our remote lessons and streaming courses for any device, including virtual reality. 

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