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Modern Self-Defense Center offers group, private, and semi-private instruction on any topic, from personal safety and violence prevention to punching, kicking, grappling, and weapons.  

You can focus on individual self-defense skillsets, study a particular martial art, or mix & match according to your needs. 

The purpose of a self-defense instructor is threefold: to let you know what options are available on the menu, to help you choose the ones that feel most appropriate for you, and then to help you develop those options.  

We’ll partner with you to make sure the training your getting is uniquely tailored to your individual needs.  That’s the advantage of working with instructors who aren’t just specialists in a single approach.  

Self-defense topics

or study specific martial arts

Krav Maga

Hand-to-hand system of the Israeli Military.  Affectionately referred to as the “Cliff’s Notes of Self-Defense” for its sophisticated simplicity.  

Jeet Kune Do

Not an art by itself but a training method that teaches students to adapt to any situation.  
If Krav Maga is the Cliff’s Notes, JKD uses the entire library, carefully curated.  

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Offered at all levels, white belt through black belt, with and without the gi, for self-defense, grappling competition, and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).
Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ) is the elite, battle-tested grappling system preferred by combat athletes and militaries alike.   

Filipino Martial ARts

Modern Arnis, Inosanto Blend of Kali, and Kalis Ilustrisimo: weapons systems admired around the world for their efficacy with sticks and blades of all sizes, as well as empty hand disarms against weapons of all kinds. 

Budoshin ju-jitsu

All levels white belt through black belt.  A traditional martial art for students seeking a traditional experience. 

boxe francaise savate

French Kickboxing for sport, fitness, or self-defense.  An Athletic discipline of finesse and elegance that deceives opponents using changes of rhythm, distance, and angle.  

Live, In-person self-defense training

Train with an expert instructor 1-on-1, in a small group, or in a seminar or workshop.  Come to us or bring MSDC’s self-defense training to your location!  

private or semi-private lessons

$120/Hour (local rate - reach out for nonlocal)

group classes

stay tuned for upcoming schedule

workshops and seminars

$120/hour (local rate - reach out for nonlocal)

special events

next event - Roy Harris seminar Oct 14-16

real-time, remote self-defense training

Is the pandemic preventing you from training in-person? Or maybe just geographic distance?  Not to worry!  Private lessons can now be held remotely with a live instructor via High definition video or even via Virtual Reality!  Modern Self-Defense Center is the ONLY source offering live, instructor-led virtual reality lessons.  Click below to learn more! 

HD private or semi-private lessons


virtual reality private lessons

$75/half hour

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Self-defense topics

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learn with us

Modern Self-Defense Center offers hands-on, effective self-defense training methods for people of all shapes, sizes, and experience levels. Visit us in central Connecticut, or learn self-defense online with our remote lessons and streaming courses for any device, including virtual reality. 

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