Here is a more complete list of Chris Martell’s ranks and credentials.  Chris began training Martial Arts at 6 years old, in 1986.

These are the arts Chris has taught:

Kenpo Karate4th Degree Black Belt
Began in 1988
Professor Lee Lowery – Middletown Kenpo Karate Studio
Modern ArnisLakan (Black Belt)
Began in 1991
Professor Remy Presas, Professor Lee Lowery, Master Brian Zawilinski
International Modern Arnis Federation
Brazilian Jiu-JitsuBlack Belt
Began in 1997
Professor Roy Harris – Harris International
Budoshin Ju-JitsuBlack Belt
Began in 2002
Professor George Kirby – Budoshin Ju-Jitsu Yudanshakai
Jeet Kune DoLevel 2 Instructor
Began in 2003
Professor Roy Harris – Harris International
Boxe Francaise SavateGreen Glove
Began in 2003
Moniteur Armando Basulto, Initiateur Rolando Garcia – Basulto Academy of Defense
Professor Roy Harris – Harris International
Krav MagaInstructor Training
Began in 2002
Master Instructor Rhon Mizrachi – Krav Maga Federation
GrapplingLevel 2 Instructor
Began in 2002
Professor Roy Harris – Harris International
Filipino Martial ArtsLevel 1 Instructor
Began in 2003
Professor Roy Harris – Harris International
Inosanto Blend of Kali, Kalis Ilustrisimo

Chris has also studied the following arts:

JudoMiddletown Judo ClubBlue Dragon Judo Club
CapoeiraCT Capoeira & Dance Center
AikidoValley Aikido
KendoUMass Kendo
FencingUMass Fencing TeamICONN Fencing
Tai ChiUMass / Arica Institute
Qi Gong / Kyushu JitsuKyusho International
Small Circle JujitsuSmall Circle Jujitsu International
American Jiu JitsuUMass American Jiu Jitsu
 Shorter studies in Sayoc Kali, Hojo-jutsu, Shuai Jiao, Wing Chun, Sumo, and more


Some Seminar & Workshop Clients

Chris has taught workshops and seminars for a number of Public, Private, and University-based groups. Here is a partial list of the places where he has instructed:

  • Wesleyan University Athletics
  • WesWell (Wesleyan University Wellness Office)
  • Mitchell College
  • Southern Connecticut State University
  • Trinity College
  • University of Saint Joseph
  • Suffield Academy
  • South Windsor High School – National Honor Society
  • Community Renewal Team, Inc
  • HYPE – Hartford Young Professionals & Entrepreneurs
  • Middletown Kenpo Karate Studio – Middletown, CT
  • Cromwell Martial Arts – Cromwell, CT
  • Baran’s Kenpo Karate – Wallingford, CT
  • Giroux Brothers Martial Arts – Glastonbury, CT
  • Institute of Martial Arts – Wallingford, CT
  • Silverback Academy – Fairfax, VA
  • Lewis Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – Naples, FL
  • International Modern Arnis Federation – Annual Modern Arnis Camp

Chris’ self-defense instruction has also made the front page of the Sunday paper (Middletown Press), the NBC evening news, and has twice been featured on the News homepage.


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