Think Like a Self-Defense Expert

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Brand new and not sure where to start? Done some training but trying to figure out what to do next? This course backs up and gives you the big picture. Learn the decision-making tools of self-defense experts, and practice using them to make decisions about your own personal safety.

Should you buy a guard dog? Take a workshop? Learn to fire a gun? Install a new alarm system? There are straightforward ways to approach these questions. Learn what “timing” really means (and how the military applies it), and how to use it to prevent any size crisis. Try the “movie producer” exercise and determine your biggest opportunities to improve your safety quickly. Discover the best ways to review your options and make decisions that are right for you – no “one size fits all” here.

There are no punches or kicks in this course – this is all about giving you the tools to decide where to start (or what’s next). Practice these mental exercises and make easy decisions about the best way to improve your personal safety.

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