Budoshin Ju-Jitsu Study Group

While many people know MSDC for its non-traditional self-defense training, we sometimes offer opportunities to explore traditional arts for those who are interested. To that end, Chris is launching a study group in Budoshin Ju-Jitsu in Central Connecticut.

Budoshin Ju-jitsu is a Japanese Martial Art that features a wide variety of techniques, especially in the areas of throws and joint locks. Students learn many variations of each technique, so that they can develop personal preferences for the ones that fit their personality and body type. In the video below, you can see a sample of that variety.

The art of Ju-jitsu dates back to feudal Japan, and over the centuries the arts of Judo, Karate, and Aikido have all sprung off as branches from Ju-jitsu. As a result, traditional styles like Budoshin contain techniques that practitioners of those other styles would immediately recognize as their own.

This study group has a couple of explicit purposes:

  • to teach and promote authentic Budoshin Ju-jitsu in Central Connecticut
  • to offer an opportunity to explore traditional Martial Arts training (but accompanied by contemporary self-defense perspective)
  • to bring novices up to the rank of Black Belt (and beyond) in the hope of continuing to promote Budoshin Ju-jitsu in the future

More details will be announced soon, as the study group takes shape.  If you are interested in joining, please email Chris at chris@modernselfdefense.com.