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Revealed – Groundbreaking Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Program Takes You From “Zero Experience” to CONFIDENT in 90 Days and to earning your Blue Belt in 12-18 months – GUARANTEED – in only 2 hours per week!

PLUS: Develop the Mind and Body of a Jiu-Jitsu Athlete at Any Age, in Under 5 Minutes Per Day

Hi! Chris here. 

Quick story: I started Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in 1997, back when it was super hard to find, and BOY was it a struggle to find good training. Actually, it was a struggle to find ANY training – there were almost no BJJ gyms here in Connecticut back in 1997 – 2002 and the places you could find to train all catered to athletes and had no real plan – just injuries. 

I got hurt a lot – we all did. I was frustrated and I had resigned myself to the idea that I’d never learn BJJ. There just wasn’t a way to do it safely or with any clear way to make progress. I was so disappointed. 

Then in the summer of 2002, I met BJJ legend Roy Harris and was hooked immediately. He had a plan, a structure, a way to keep it safe, a set of training methods to gain skill quickly even if you weren’t a natural athlete…it was everything I had been looking for! I started training under him immediately, despite the distance (he’s in San Diego, I’m here in Connecticut). Long story short – I earned my black belt in under 10 years, but my goal is for each of my students to do it in less time.

Since we opened our doors in 2002, our question has always been “What if you could walk away from your very first lesson with usable, effective skills?” And then we continued building all our programs from there.  Most clients don’t have the desire or time to spend years mastering the Art of Karate (for example) so they need results TODAY. I’m so committed to delivering better results with every new student that I even went back to school for a graduate degree in designing more effective curricula and learning experiences. 

Let’s talk about you: you’ve been curious about taking up Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu but you have concerns. What if I get injured? How much time will it take out of my week? Will I need to spend every day at the gym? Will my body hold up? You’re busy and you have responsibilities. You can’t go to work with a black eye, or pick up your kids with an injured shoulder. This has to work for you – and around your obligations. 

I understand completely – and I have good news. Read on.  

Get into life-changing shape with just 2 hours of training per week, without any crazy restrictive dieting or supplements

Build a baseline of healthy movement and then reinforce it each time you train, creating lasting effects that will keep you moving smoothly and pain-free

We use safe training methods to minimize injury, while still developing all the skills you need to pick up in just 12-18 months

Improve your mental health along with your physical health – make new friends while you relieve stress and build confidence

Gain the peace of mind from developing new, provable, lifesaving self-defense skills

Do you work in security, healthcare, or public safety?  Lower your chance of injury and stay safer at work – protect yourself, your coworkers, and your clients more effectively

Build stamina & endurance for better cardiovascular health – not just for sports, but for longer healthspan & lifespan

Join countless other clients who have become confident in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at any age and in record time. Will you be next?

We Are Experts
At Turning New Students into Happy, Confident Blue Belts in Record Time

This Program Is For You If:

  • You want to be on the fast track to provable, effective skills
  • You’re dying to learn the real world, sport-tested art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, but you worry about getting injured
  • You aren’t already training because you worry that your busy schedule will mean you can’t progress at a steady pace…or at all! You’re short on time but you still want the good stuff!
  • Your work or family responsibilities mean you don’t have time to be at the gym training for hours a day, 4-5 days per week.  You don’t want your busy schedule to stop you from getting in shape, learning new skills, and having fun! 
  • You’ve tried BJJ but it was too disorganized and confusing and you felt lost
  • Or – you tried BJJ at a gym catering to the “young fighters” crowd and every session felt like fighting-for-your-life
  • You wonder if you’re too old for this and you missed your window – you worry that it will break your body down instead of building it up 
  •  You want to improve and sustain healthy movement, with dependable stability and graceful mobility, that you can keep for decades
  • Your goal is to train smarter, not harder

This Program Is NOT For You If:

  • You’re just in this for the adrenaline, or the ego boost of fighting to be the alpha at every training session
  • You’re looking for a “fight club” or just want to brawl it out for fun
  • Your only goal is competition
  • You like to do things the hard way – ditching the plan and just learning pieces randomly as you go
  • You’re not into cooperative learning – you don’t care if your partners get injured
  • You’d rather be at the gym 4x-5x per week, 2 hours each time (by the way, we DO have a bonus recommended fitness regimen if you’re a gym rat – do that instead and make the most of your time!)
  • You find long term goals “boring”
  • Your approach to BJJ is “blah blah blah let’s just fight already!” 


You might be thinking, “So it’s a group class, right? Like everywhere else?”  We forgive you for assuming that, but this is a unique training program unlike any other. 

Here’s what you get as a member:

2 Group Training Sessions Per Week

The small-group training sessions are crafted to maximize the absorption and retention of new skillsets, cementing the new skills in your memory and your nervous system quickly. The student/instructor ratio is kept low so that group training is all about personal attention – get lots of feedback and answers to all of your questions each time you train. 

Online Training Portal - All Content Available 24/7

Supercharge your progress with exactly the right information at your fingertips day and night. Even when you’re not at class and no partners are available, you can still improve!  Our Streaming content includes outlines, diagrams, text, images, and video – but it’s not just some big library that now you have to sort through. You’re guided from one skill to the next, in just the right sequence. Want to read ahead? Of course you can! But there’s no obligation – we aren’t making homework for you, just putting the best tools at your fingertips. 

Functional Movement Screen and Corrective Exercises

Develop easy movement through our mobility and stability training that speeds your BJJ progress while creating longevity and resilience.  Avoid injury by mixing rehab and prehab into your training and create rock-solid, supple shoulders and loose, mobile hips along with a stable core and a flexible spine. 

Bonus - Movement Training both in class and at home or the gym

Shortcut the time it takes for your body to learn and cement new techniques with simple drills you can do anytime, anywhere. Mix these into your workouts or just dabble for a couple minutes each day. Replace your warmup with these jiu-jitsu specific movements to cut down on the cognitive overload, and turn them from “new and weird” into “second nature.” 

Bonus - Optional Fitness Programming Optimized for BJJ (but great for overall health)

Want to see additional strength, stamina, stability, and mobility?  We offer a done-for-you program that you can use to boost your fitness progress at home – no big expensive gym equipment or weight sets needed.  Use your favorite pieces or do the entire menu in less than 30 minutes per workout – NO crawling out, no extreme soreness, no burpees until you get sick. This workout leaves you feeling fresher than when you started – do it in the morning and feel younger and more energetic all day! 

Bonus - Custom Uniform

We supply the only piece of equipment you’ll ever need – high quality training apparel, custom made for our clients by a name brand industry giant (the Gameness Air 2.0 Kimono, available in both male and female cut).

Bonus - Supplemental Solo Training Plan

For the overachievers or the impatient: speed your progress even when you’re not in the gym – cut the time it takes to move to the next level in half!  It’s not about “shortcuts” – it’s about moving towards your goal in a straight line, with a map and a GPS in hand.  

This is only the beginning…

There’s more to come, but first…

What would this training do for you?

Think about it for a moment. 

Imagine, 90 days from now, what it would feel like to have the self-confidence of possessing effective, provable self-defense skills AND how quickly you were able to grow them. 

Think about feeling the changes in your posture, and your comfort sitting, standing, and even laying down.

Imagine finding new ranges of motion (or old ones you thought you’d never experience again) and being able to maintain them throughout the day. 

What about six months from now, as the changes become noticeable to others and you hear comments on your movement, your posture, and your physique.

Picture the moment you realize that these gains weren’t just a short term benefit, but something you get to keep and enjoy long term. 

Imagine looking back even at the 90-day mark and realizing your skills have continued to skyrocket, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing these skills are something you have in your back pocket at all times.

What about 12 months – a full year from now?

Imagine earning your Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – a feat often compared to reaching Brown Belt or even Black Belt in traditional martial arts. Can you imagine looking back 12 months from now, to when you had no experience at all, and seeing how your skills grew in such a short period of time? 

Think about how your body will look and feel when you wake up in the morning, when you bend to pick things up off the floor, when you try on clothes you haven’t worn lately, after a year of laser-targeted bodywork and movement reprogramming. 

On the other hand, you could decide not to join us.

You can let your body get stiffer and achier, and resign yourself to watching from the sidelines. 

You can wonder if you ever would have had the opportunity – maybe if you started younger, you tell yourself – and what you could have accomplished. 

And you’ll think about self-defense skills, and decide yes, you really should do something about those one of these days, to get some peace of mind. 

What does all this cost, anyway?

Most BJJ programs are going to offer you classes – but nothing for the rest of the hours in your week that you aren’t at the gym. You pay for your classes and you hope to retain what you can.

This program is different. It offers 24/7 support (it’s not required of course – this isn’t homework – but it’s there to help you anytime you want to remember what you’ve learned or look ahead at what’s coming). This is all to help you absorb everything more easily. By removing the worry about having to retain everything from seeing it once while training, we free you up to focus on doing and feeling -things you ordinarily wouldn’t be able to concentrate on so early in your learning. We jump right over the memorizing and get right to development that makes it stick. 

On top of this, we keep group training size small so that the instructor/student ratio stays high. While you’re training, you’re receiving loads of personal feedback from your instructor, so you can be sure you’re right on track and making steady progress.

Additionally, we focus on developing your mobility and movement patterns, not just because they’re great health benefits and transferable to any activity, but to remove obstacles and reduce the neurological adaptation time for the new movements you learn in BJJ. If we expand your natural range of motion to include all the movements you’re going to learn, and we target your motor control as we warm up, then we can streamline the development process for the new skills you’re learning. It’s a layered approach that reduces time and effort through thoughtful planning (that could really be the slogan for the whole program!). 

This is a program designed from the very beginning to maximize every bit of your time with us – and why the results come so much more quickly. You can’t find a program like this anywhere else, or such fast results in so little time.

The price is only $159/month – no ongoing contract, no longterm commitment. We’re confident that you’ll see results month after month. It’s less than $20 per session, but keep in mind that you have access 24 hours per day. No other program offers you this kind of support!



Try us out for up to 30 days ABSOLUTELY FREE. There’s no catch – we do this because we’re 100% confident in our program and the results we deliver.  We know you’ll never find another program like this one, so we can afford to offer you some great training while we cover the cost. You have nothing to lose by giving us a try.

How about a DOUBLE guarantee?  Even after the 30 day free trial, we offer another 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee.  If you’re not satisfied with the training and how easily you build skills, we’ll refund every penny – and let you keep the free bonuses!  

Who is guiding my training?

Hi there – Chris here again. Here’s a little about my own background, so you understand why I can make all these claims with confidence:

I’ve been training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since 1997, teaching it since 2002, and a Black Belt under BJJ Legend Roy Harris since 2012.

I’ve trained dozens of students to blue belt and beyond, and tutored loads of students from other gyms to their next rank as well. Many have been ready in 12 months – some as few as 9 months!

I’ve trained over 20 Martial Arts and earned teaching credentials in 10, including 4 black belts (so far). I approach this as a true professional – it’s about learning best practices from all different approaches. 

I’ve taught Martial Arts since I was a teenager and at different times I’ve been a school teacher (middle school math) and a staff trainer (including at Fred Astaire Dance Studios and Eversource Energy). And even with that, I decided to level up my skills and earn a Master’s in developing better curricula and more effective training programs. You read that right – even after all that, I went to graduate school just to level up my teaching and training even further. I want this program to set the gold standard for how BJJ instructor deliver astonishing results for their students.

Because of my ability to explain complex topics simply, I’ve been invited to teach BJJ and self-defense workshops across New England and up & down the East Coast.

If you haven’t guessed already – creating better training experiences is my obsession. I go to bed every night thinking about how to train the next cohort of beginners more quickly than the last – and what gets me out of bed in the morning is the opportunity to go do it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How long before I really feel confident in my skills?

A: BJJ is a long journey to mastery – but it doesn’t have to be a long journey to confidence. Our program is designed carefully to make the first 90 days count – just 12 weeks, or 24 in-person sessions, and you’ll understand how BJJ works, see how to sew the different skills and areas together, and orient yourself immediately no matter how your partner tries to control you.

2) What if I’m the new person? Will I slow down my partners?

A: Our program is carefully design to bring in new students at any time. You won’t be “behind” your classmates – you’re all learning new content together, even if they have a head start. It’s a clever program design that eliminates any kind of “lag” between you and your partners.

3) How does the guarantee work?

Our guarantee has two parts: first, the 30 free days. Give us a test drive and make sure we’re a good fit for you, and you’re a good fit for us. Once you get started, we have a 60 day money back guarantee. If you’re coming to classes but don’t see the results we promised – or you just don’t like it, period – we’ll refund everything and let you keep the bonuses. You have absolutely nothing to lose by giving our program a try.

4) Do I need any equipment?

A: No. The only thing you need is a uniform, and we’ll give you a high quality, custom uniform when you enroll. If you’re trying us out, you just need clean workout clothes – absolutely nothing else required.

5) What happens if I miss class?

A: Obviously the best results come from attending class regularly each week. But remember – the program is built to support you all the time, not just when you’re in the gym. We’ll give you tools to keep your head in the game – full text and video of everything you’re learning, organized and easily accessible – even when you can’t join us in person. We also give you easy training methods to keep your BJJ-specific movement and coordination improving when you’re at home, so you’ve nothing to fear when it comes to losing the progress you’re making.

6) Is BJJ dangerous? Will I get injured?

A: Many BJJ schools emphasize competition training. It’s common to see them pitting you head-to-head against students with much more training, as early as your first day. We take a different approach. Yes, you will eventually work up to plenty of sparring (or “rolling” as it’s called in BJJ) – but we do it in a way that helps you start safely, without getting overwhelmed. While many of our students do decide to try competition at some point (and we’re happy to help them prep for it) -it’s not our main focus. Our focus is on skill development, and the best way to do that is a mix of drills that are safer and more effective than just brawling it out.

7) How will I know that my skills work?

A: OK, so we aren’t throwing you to the wolves on day 1 – but it’s not like you’re never going to spar. Done correctly, BJJ sparring is a spectrum of training methods that allow you to constantly test your skills against appropriate levels of resistance – sometimes gentle, sometimes not. We’ve proven time and again that for the best progress, you need control of that dial – not a situation where every day is maximum intensity. We teach you and your partners how to hone in on the most appropriate level of resistance for the skill you’re working on each day.

8) Will I lose weight?

A: Obviously that’s a tricky question. We aren’t going to oversee your diet and physical activity outside of class. But will we challenge your body with new levels of physical activity? ABSOLUTELY. BJJ is famous for turning students into incredible athletes – from coordination and agility to stamina & endurance. It’s a physical challenge like none you’ve ever encountered before – something like solving a puzzle while playing twister and repeating weight-bearing exercise at every conceivable angle. Many MMA athletes use BJJ as their primary endurance activity to build up the gas tank they need for the extreme rigors of their sport.

9) Is it difficult?

A: Not if the training is done correctly. You’re going to challenge your body to move in new ways, and it will feel different at first. You’ll also challenge your mind as you try to orient yourself in the crazy, upside-down world of “wrestling around on the ground.” But what consistently amazes our students is how quickly you start to see what you couldn’t at first – how to gain control and how to avoid being controlled. Owing half to BJJ’s revolutionary grappling paradigm, and half to our carefully crafted training progression, you’ll find yourself thinking like a real jiu-jitsu expert in no time.

10) Is it fun?

A: YES!!! BJJ is an absolute blast. If you could combine the mental challenge of chess, the physical rigors of high speed rock climbing, and the precision of engineering, you’d land someplace close. It’s thrilling in the way that it brings the mind and body together and fully present, all while building lifesaving skills. We joke that it turns nerds into athletes and jocks into academics – there is no other activity like it.

Are You Ready to Join Us?

Our program – including all the extra resources, plus two 1-hour training sessions per week – is only $159/mo. It’s less than $20 per session (and that’s not counting all the extra support you receive outside of class). There are no long-term commitments or contracts to sign – just $159/mo to see how quickly you build skills with our unique approach!

Let’s take a look at what you might risk by joining us. You might be worried about spending the money (but don’t forget about our 60 day guarantee – if it doesn’t work, you won’t have spent a penny!). You might also worry about taking the time out of your busy schedule – but keep in mind, you only need to spend TWO hours per week with us. Some gyms ask for 2-hours per visit, 4 or 5 times per week! 

On the other hand – what if it works? What if you can invest just 60 minutes, twice a week, and see immediate confidence and skills emerge? What if you try this out and within 12 months – before this time of year rolls around again -what if you’re already a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Blue Belt, working towards Purple Belt? What if you quickly and safely develop the mind and body of a Jiu-Jitsu athlete, and you start discovering mobility, stability, strength, and endurance that you thought were lost long ago? What if you start to look and feel great…and enjoy the process too? Isn’t that worth trying us out for 30 days to see for yourself?

Find Available Openings Here

Remember when we said these group training sessions are kept small, for a great teacher/student ratio?  We weren’t kidding.

Right now we have EIGHT available seats in the following group:

Monday & Wednesday, 6:30pm – 7:30pm

When that group is full, you’ll have to wait until we open a new timeslot (or come back in 12 months when they’ve moved up to blue belt and their spots become available again). 

More Options

Oh No - Impossible Day & Time?

Were you all prepared to sign up, but you have an absolutely impossible-to-move conflict during the timeslot that’s open for registration?  Bummerrrrrrr

All is not lost!  Hop onto the waiting list for the next timeslot.  We’ll keep you posted as we open new days & times.  

By entering your name and email below, you’ll save a spot in line when we open the next round of registration. 

New Timeslot Waiting List

Still Mulling Things Over?

I totally get it.  I also take my time and make deliberate decisions. 

Here’s a recap to think about:

You need a safe, crafted experience that lets you build real world skills -the kind that automatically bring the confidence that you can do this, for real – but without the injuries, egos, and attitudes. You wants to feel confident, strong, and capable – to know you can take care of yourself, and your loved ones. You want to look and feel agile, healthy, and robust, like a jiu jitsu athlete.

This program delivers usable, effective self-defense skills from the very first hour – not a years-long process. Every time you visit us, you level up.

This is BJJ for professionals – a safe, healthy, minimal-time approach. We maximally leverage the time OUTSIDE the gym so that you also get the best use of your time INSIDE the gym. This is finely crafted, HIGHLY structured, straight to business training (that’s still fun at the same time). This is a program about delivering RESULTS.

Would you like to build a confident foundation in just 90 days? And earn your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue belt in 12-18 months or less? Develop self-defense skills that you can trust? How about looking and feeling stronger (and even younger)? Would you like to be more mobile, so you can play with your kids, or easily reach down and scoop up your pets?

From the day you start, you’ll be on a carefully crafted plan to bring you from zero to feeling confident in 90 days. We’ll transform your mind and body into that of a jiu jitsu athlete, with new stability, mobility, strength, and endurance. You’ll be on the path to earn your first major milestone – Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Blue belt – in 12-18 months (I’m not making any wild promises, but we actually find many of our clients are ready in as little as 6-9 months).

It’s a new year, and folks are feeling obligated to head back to the gym. Rather than picking some dreary fitness goal that makes you mindlessly trudge on a treadmill at some crowded, noisy gym – why not join us and enjoy yourself as you watch your skills skyrocket and your mind and body transform?

Modern Self-Defense Center
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