Knack Self-Defense for Women 

Strategies, Moves & Everyday Tactics to Gain Confidence & Stay Safe

by Chris Martell (written under “Chris Wright-Martell”), published August 2011

From the Back Cover

The statistics are spine-chilling: One in four women will be assaulted in her lifetime. With Knack Self-Defense for Women, the female gender finally has a comprehensive, picture-driven guide to personal security that covers all the essential strategies to maximize personal safety. Full-color photos accompany step-by-step, detailed instructions on each move. You’ll learn easy ways to improve your everyday security, and the book’s hands-on chapters provide you with simple and effective tools, culled from more than twenty martial arts, that could prove vital during an assault.

400+ full-color photos covering:
Home, Travel & Work Security
Eyes, Throat & Other Targets
Boxing * Post-Assault Strategies
Crisis Management
Facing Weapons * Martial Arts

About the Author

Chris Wright-Martell, who has been practicing and teaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Jeet Kune Do for many years, heads the Modern Self-Defense Center in Middletown, Connecticut, which specializes in contemporary self-defense training. Chris, and his self-defense techniques, has been featured several times on ABC news. Visit him at

Kristen Jensen became a photojournalist after twenty-five years of modeling for the Wilhelmina and Ford agencies, and is today one of America’s leading lifestyle and portrait photographers. She is also the photographer for Knack Wedding Hairstyles & Beauty Tips. Visit her at