About MSDC

The Modern Self-Defense Center was founded in 2002, with the purpose of bringing the most effective, up-to-date training methods in Martial Arts and Self-Defense to the greater Connecticut region.  The initial program focused on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, in a time when BJJ schools were few and far between in New England, as well as the Israeli art of Krav Maga which was largely unknown at the time.

In August of 2005 MSDC opened a 7200 square foot facility in Middletown, CT and expanded its programming: now there were multiple daily classes offering Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu both with and without the gi (uniform), Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, and Mixed Martial Arts.  In addition to all this, MSDC began offering a free self-defense class for members of the community that met every Thursday night (this class ran from 2005 – 2012, every Thursday). MSDC began attracting notable expert guests:  annual visits from world-renowned Jeet Kune Do, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Filipino Martial Arts, and Self-Defense expert Mr. Roy Harris, seminars from notable BJJ standout Mr. Roy Dean, workshops from movement expert Dr. Mark Cheng, rare training opportunities in the art of Kalis Ilustrisimo from Mr. Romy Macapagal, an MMA seminar with UFC veteran Mr. Jason Lambert, and a number of other workshops including Sayoc Kali, Boxe Francaise Savate, Aikido, Wing Chun, and more.

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