What should I do first?

Watch the intro videos below.  They gives you a big picture view of what Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is, and how you’ll be training it.  We’ve also included a  video showing “How to find the building” to make it easier to hop right in.

If you watch the videos below BEFORE your first class, it’ll make things that much easier. And you can refer back to them at any time. 

Orientation - How does this program work?

Welcome!  This is not an ordinary BJJ program where you attend classes to learn new content and then spar and that’s it. 

This program is designed to get you skilled up MUCH more quickly.  

For starters, you have access to the content 24/7 through this dashboard. You can watch ahead and see what you’ll be learning. You can prepare for group sessions by reviewing the content before you arrive. You can refresh your memory again and again by revisiting content you’ve been drilling. And you can add your own notes at any time – reminders of your observations, questions, and more. 

Why do this?  Two big reasons. 

First – it allows you to stay engaged with your learning at any time. Thinking back to group training last week? You can see exactly what we covered. BJJ isn’t exactly a memorization practice, but it does require a certain amount of recall in the beginning. Having access to the info will boost your recall tremendously. 

Second – by offering you more instruction OUTSIDE of the gym, we can now maximize our use of your time INSIDE the gym. That’s why our program doesn’t take a ton of time in the gym each week –  we’re leveraging this system so you can just get to business in our sessions together. 

The Dashboard Menu

The menu here on this dashboard links to absolutely everything you need, including:

  •  The Big 7 Areas of BJJ training (see the “What is BJJ” video below)
    • Standing BJJ
    • Mount Escapes
    • Side Escapes
    • Guard Control
    • Guard Passing
    • Side Control
    • Mount Control
  • The 2 Secondary Areas (see the “What is BJJ” video again)
    • Minor Control Positions
    • Submission Finishes
  • BJJ-Specific Movement Training designed to speed up your progress in the early months of training
  • Correctives, Prehab, and Rehab training to help build and maintain a platform of healthy movement for BJJ and otherwise
  • Fitness Programming (if you want it) that will help you build a layer of strength & conditioning to enhance your practice – as well as your health outside of the program

What is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

How to Find the Building

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